Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

How to check your Income Tax Refund status online? The Government of India has made it very easy for people to check their income tax refund status online. All you need to do is follow few simple steps and you can check the current status of your income tax refund at the click of a button. Ironically though, many people are not yet aware of this new system.

Steps to check income tax refund status online:
  1. Enter your PAN number and 
  2. select the assessing year for which you need to check the refund status. 
  3. Verify the details and click Submit Button. 
If you have entered all desired details correctly, you will be shown the current status of your Income Tax refund.

Alternate method- In case you do not want to do it online, you can even call Call CPC Bangaluru's toll free number 1800-425-2229 for checking Income Tax refund status. You will need your PAN number and DOB for inquiring over the phone. Alternately, you can also send an e-mail at [email protected] for checking the status. Though checking the status online is the fastest method yet.

Status messages

After clicking Submit Button, you will see a status screen that will tell you the status of your income tax refund. Here are some typical status messages which you may see:
“Refund Cheque returned undelivered”- If your address has changed and you haven’t notified the income tax department, you will probably see this message. This means that your refund cheque could not be delivered at the address specified by you. You must notify at earliest to the Income Tax Department about change of address to avoid such instances.
Cheque encashed- As the meaning implies, this means that the cheque has been encashed by the concerned party. However, if you haven’t encashed the cheque, you could be victim of cheque encashment fraud. You must get in touch with the authorities immediately.

NEFT is the convenient option

NEFT is a very convenient option for getting your income tax refund. All you need to do is give the IT department your bank account number along with the NEFT and IFSC code. Once the IT department has these details, you will get your income tax refund directly in your bank account. In lack of these details, cheques or demand drafts are issued.
The next time if you find delay in your income tax refunds; make sure you check the status online first before taking the further steps.

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